The Nemesis Cerberus ¼ Rack is ideal for sanitizing equipment and other commonly touched items in a compact solution. Any item that can fit, can be sanitized in 5-6 minutes. Our high output UV-C radiators ensure that items are disinfected efficiently and reliably


• ¼ Pack version of the portable high output UV-C equipment rack
• Uses 12 proven TUV 55 W high output UV-C radiators
• High energy use of UV-C for ultra-fast (5 min or less) disinfection of equipment of any kind.
• Two 29” deep shelves can house a variety of items.
• Highly reflective interior for maximum disinfection
• Keypad control for safety and ease of use
• LED disinfection warning light for safety
• ATA Fiberglass Flight Case construction by Calzone Cases
• Made in U.S.A, ships from U.S.A
• Custom branding options available