NEMESIS UV-C Disinfection
Recessed Parabolic Troffer


The UPT is a recessed germicidal parabolic troffer designed and engineered to safely disinfect. Utilizing the latest in powerful germicidal UV technology, the UPT kills viruses and bacteria fast. Available in 2×2, and 2×4 sizes.

Completely open design for maximum UV-C distribution. Parabolic louvers give an aesthetic appeal while still allowing for an open lamp design. Louvers are engineered to help control the UV-C output in a focus area for efficiency.

TUV 55W HO 1SL/6 germicidal lamps emit 55 watts each of powerful 254nm UV-C output through a quartz enclosure, with a useful life of 9000 hours.

Constructed of structurally embossed, die-formed cold roll steel. Wire way covers snap in for easy attachment and removal. Access plate provides top access to wire way. Semi-specular aluminum louvers are available in various cell counts.

Housing standard with a baked enamel white finish.

Reflector is manufactured of .063″ electro polished aluminum specifically engineered to maximize the reflectance of UV light.

Occupancy sensor option includes timer.
One control/safeguard option must be chosen to order this product.

DANGER: Risk Group 3 UV product. Sources emit high-power UV radiation that can cause severe injury to skin and eyes. Avoid eye and skin exposure to unshielded product. Use only in spaces without occupants. The device is not approved and/or certified as a medical device by the FDA or any other
regulatory body. As such, the device is not intended for and cannot be used to disinfect the surfaces of medical devices or for any medical purposes.

5 – Year Limited Warranty on housing and electronics. Complete warranty and terms located at:

Example: UPT24-3-18-M