The simple explanation: Our UV-C towers can be strategically placed temporarily in different locations for short amounts of time, killing germs and viruses with ultraviolet light within those areas.  Proper disinfection with UV-C is a combination of 4 factors: the power of the UV-C source, the exposure time, the distance to objects and walls, and consideration for any obstructions which may block the UV-C rays.  Because we use high powered UV-C towers, our service requires short exposure times to achieve maximum disinfection against viruses and germs.  Upon arrival, our trained technicians will inspect the desired disinfection locations to provide a simple clear explanation of our service, and the recommended number of disinfection activation points (locations for the UV-C tower to be placed during service).  All requested services and pricing will be fully explained and confirmed before any service is performed.  UV-C service rates are based on square footage or usage times, depending on the type of location (see pricing page).  UV-C service requires the intended room/area to be empty from any living things during the entire sanitation process.  No humans, animals, or plants can remain in the area while service is being performed.  Our technicians place UV-C warning signs on any doors during operation, and our staff remain in front of any entrances during active service to ensure there are no unexpected entries.  Should someone accidentally enter an active service area for any reason, our 360 tower is equipped with safety motion sensors that deactivate the unit instantaneously.  

Note: UV-C only affects air and surface areas.  It does not penetrate walls, objects, or skin. Long term exposure to skin from UV-C rays can result in symptoms comparable to a sunburn, or over exposure in a tanning bed.


1. For maximum disinfection it is recommended that all surfaces are wiped clean before the UV-C application.  This is the same dual process used in hospital disinfection.  As an option, we offer an organic EPA approved botanical pre-cleaning service for an additional fee (requires onsite quote for service).  Clients may opt to do their own pre-cleaning, or hire an additional company of their choice.  Surfaces to be cleaned with UV-C must appear clean upon visual inspection for service to be executed.

2. Upon arrival, staff will wear appropriate safety protocol items including masks, face shields, shoe covers, gloves, and they will verify temperatures are within a healthy range before entering any location.

3. Clients must maintain social distancing with our staff at all times.

4. There must be a clear path from the doorway to the areas being serviced.  Furniture and other items must be moved by client, unless discussed prior to arrival.

5.  Prior to loading in to any client location, the wheels and exterior of the UV-C tower are disinfected using a UV-C wand .

6. A standard wall outlet with power must be supplied for operation.  Our UV-C tower draws 7 amps. 

7. Our tower cannot go up any stairs without special arrangements and additional fees.